24 Lavender Bouquets


Exquisite hand-selected bunches of long-stemmed Grosso lavender.  Each bunch has had leaves removed, formed and trimmed to a uniform length for a beautiful presentation.



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These 24 Lavender Bouquets are shipped in sleeves ready for resale


Our Lavender Bouquets are exquisite hand-selected bunches of long-stemmed lavender.  We choose only long, straight, and uniform bunches to be bouquets.  We take each bouquet and we clean the stems removing any leaves and debris.  We form the bouquet into a nice uniform bunch of flowers and trim the stems to a uniform length.   We then put a purple rubberband on each bunch of at least 150 stems and place it in your choice of paper or plastic sleeves ready for your store or as part of a centerpiece at an upcoming wedding.

Sleeve Choice

Paper, Plastic