Meet the family

A Family A lot Like Yours

2 Farms less than 2 miles apart

It has always been about family for Flatiron Fields and B&B Family Lavender Farm.  B&B Family Lavender Farm started in 2013 as a way for Bruce and Bonnie McCloskey to move closer to their daughter Amy and her kids.  Then they needed to entice their younger  daughter, Kristy, and her family to move to the Pacific Northwest.  Almost a decade later B&B Family Farm continues to grow and provide the best possible lavender to its customers.

When brother of Bruce McCloskey, Keith McCloskey, and his family experienced the joy of lavender on the Olympic Peninsula, they too knew they found a new home.  Flatiron Fields, named after a favorite spot in their native Colorado, is less than 2 miles from B&B Family Farm.  With the farm already growing almost 10,000 lavender plants, the McCloskey brothers know how to jump into a project head first.  

Features of Our Lavender

Carey and Zion Planting Lavender
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