500 Lavender Sachets


500 Lavender Sachets filled and ready for resale in your shop.  These sachets are made from french lavender.  All lavender was grown and processed at B&B Family Lavender Farm or Flat Iron Fields two farms only a couple of miles apart owned and operated by two McCloskey brothers (Bruce and Keith) and their families.  All lavender is grown naturally and organically without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

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These 500 Lavender Sachets will make any shop smell divine!

These sachets ($1.50 each shipped) are ready for resale in your gift shop online or in person.  One of these will make any order smell exquisite.

A lavender sachet is a perfect way to bring the joy and benefits of lavender into many places in your life. Some of our personal favorites are drawers, shoes, and cars. They also work well in closets, pillows, and pockets. All of our lavender sachet choices are made with Grosso lavender buds that were grown, dried, and processed at B&B Family Farm without the use of any chemicals.

These are filled once an order is received.  Therefore, the lead time is 2-3 weeks from the order date.

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